Caroline Wheaton

Caroline Wheaton is a self-taught British artist and sculptor based in London and Chamonix. She sculpts using stone, cast metals, plaster-based materials and resins. Her work often comprises a mix of these media and also includes reclaimed materials from the surrounding environment.

Spending much of her time in the mountains, means that the physicality of her surrounds and the people who enjoy this extreme terrain feature strongly in her work.

This physicality and her fascination with anatomy and physiology is explored in her sculpture. Her work is a response to being human. By exploring how people respond to the environment in which they are in, she is able to show how this affects our outlook, behaviour, the way we work and play and the way in which we see ourselves and others.

Until 2014, Caroline had a successful corporate career and expressed her creativity when she could find the time. An artistic passion, changes in circumstances and inspiration from the mountains in Chamonix where
she spends much of her time, meant that she was able to retire from the corporate world and focus solely on her career as an artist. Since working full-time on her artistic practice, she has both exhibited as a solo artist in London & Chamonix and also participated in numerous group exhibitions in the UK and abroad.

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