Michael Lanigan

Michael Lanigan:

“I am a self-taught sculptor with a passion for carving stone, marble being my favourite by far. I was fortunate to have been able to carve marble in Pietrasanta with a group of Dutch sculptors and in the cloisters of the church of St Elena in Venice, a surreal experience. (I have even flown back to the U.K. with 30kg Carrara marble blocks in hand luggage!)

I love the feel of the stone as I work on it, using hand tools only. The rhythmic sound of mallet on chisel and the slowly emerging sculpture give me so much pleasure; pure therapy.
Often I have no idea what I’m about to create when I have a piece of stone before me and I’m quite likely to change direction for what I hope is the better, as the sculpture emerges. I’m happy to carve any stone I can lay my hands on but marble gives me most pleasure.
I work in a small outdoor studio at home in Somerset; there are few places I would rather be.

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