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White Eagle by Jane Rickards MRSS- £4,850

About the sculpture
White Eagle was carved a long time ago over a period of three years.
I had not worked on such a large block before and wanted to keep it as private as possible. I was going through a long period of self development and knew that the emerging image was unfashionable, but it was from the heart and so it survived.
One of the many things I learnt was this: the stone, being static and outside, was shaped by the sun’s apparent passage through the sky, and through the seasons. So essentially it became less about stone being heavy and inert, and more about stone becoming the catcher of light.

It sold straight away so a mould was made and bronze, 1 of an edition of 3, was cast, and sold.
Two years ago I resurrected the piece in fibre-glass and resin as the mould was deteriorating and felt the image was worth saving. I am glad to have done this as now feel it belongs equally to our present time of personal and global transformation.

Arrival of White Eagle limestone


Lepine Limestone   NFS

220cm H, including base, x 60cm x 60cm

A fibre-glass and resin cast is available (please request images)  £4,850

A bronze cast, number 2 of an edition of 3, could be available  POA

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