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Uneasy Peace by Hilary Cartmel – £12,000

Name of sculpture – Uneasy Peace

Price – £12,000        

     stainless steel figure, birds cast in iron and aluminium

Sizes: from tip of raised hand to feet 2m 15cm,
standing on a plinth 28cm high x 80 x 80 (not included in price) 

Edition : one off

‘Uneasy Peace’  is a sculpture about trust.
It was made following being shortlisted for a public sculpture commission in East Belfast, one of many through the city, all of which in the end were not realised.  Having worked on an image and design for a sculpture which was to celebrate the peace process in this area, I went on to make a full size work which was similar to my proposal concerning trust and how to make a peace process work. I wanted the sculpture to be optimistic and joyful. Its an almost impossible thing to attain a level of trust with wild birds, imagining such a thing is an act of optimism.

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