£10,000 and aboveBronze/ bronze resin sculpturesSculpture

Two against One by David Cemmick – £15,000

‘Two against One’ – Otters and young Salmon

bronze edition – number 12 of 12  
– height 2 metres

My Inspiration for this piece:
I was inspired to make this sculpture whilst diving through the kelp beds just outside Tobermoray on Scotlands Isle of Mull. As I swam through the swaying arms of orangekelp, the dancing sulight illuminated the sea bed, which was strewn with discardedcrustacean shells, a sure sign of otters. A vision of swirling otters giving chase to young salmon as they made their way out to sea came flooding to me. Although Idid not actually see otter on this dive, the signs and beauty of swimming through the kelp forests was inspirational. Having seen otters effortlessly chasing salmon in the crystal waters of Scotland’s western isles, this became the focus of the sculpture.

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