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The Seven Chakras by Deborah Stevens – £27,900

My Chakra Bronze Sculptures by Deborah Stevens

The Root Chakra Abstract figurative Bronze with Red Patina 45cm edition1/7 5kg
£2,900 (£3,200 with base)
The first chakra, the Root, is where it all begins. It provides a stable structure for the chakra system to
rest on. It is the foundation of life. This represents the glowing red energy surrounding the base of the
spine, empowering, balancing, embodying you and grounding you in the here and now.

The Base/Sacral Chakra Abstract Figurative Bronze with Orange patina 52cm edition 1/7 8kg
£3,200 (£3,500 with base)
The Sacral or Base Chakra represents the birth canal, where we birth the life that we want. This second
Chakra symbolises our creative potential, our ability to harbour fulfilling relationships as well as our
sexual energy- all coming together to create an empowered and confident individual. It is the colour of
warm Orange.

The Solar Plexus Chakra Abstract figurative Bronze with Yellow patina 57cm Edition 1/7 10kg
£3,350 (£3,650 with base)
The Solar Plexus Chakra directly affects your confidence. It is all about honouring yourself, taking care of
yourself. It is the place where we meet our internal conflicts, fears and secrets we are not ready to face.
The place where emotions churn in our stomach. Talk to this chakra and meet these feelings head on and digest the information so it can be expelled through the root chakra. We are all brilliant and beautiful in our own unique way.

The Heart Chakra Abstract figurative Bronze with Green/Verdigris patina 64cm edition 1/7 16kg
£3,800 (£4,100 with base)
The Heart Chakra is the place we can feel unconditional love. We are in a culture that has not yet healed
the ‘wounded child’ within, so painful memories and negative attitudes still haunt us and keeps us living
in the past. Emotional debris needs to be filtered from the heart and eliminated through the Root chakra.
Talk to the Heart chakra where love is to forgive, to forgive is to love. Say kind things, be giving, be
thankful and let go of emotional pains held in the heart.

The Throat Chakra Abstract figurative Bronze with Aqua Blue patina 69cm 17kg edition1/7
£3,800 (£4,100 with base)
The Throat Chakra houses your ability to communicate and speak up for what you believe in, your truth.
The place of self-expression and personal will. When we activate this chakra, we drop the façade of
social conditioning and we awaken to our true human potential. Pray, talk to nature and sing like nobody
is listening.

The Ajna or Third Eye Chakra, Abstract figurative Bronze with Indigo Blue patina 75cm 25kg
edition 1/7 £4,650 (£4,950 with base)
The Third Eye or the Ajna Chakra is the seat of our intuition. It is an ultra-sensitive area where we can
receive messages psychically. Some say it links to spiritual communication, a raised awareness and
perception to see into other dimensions. It provides us with wisdom and insightfulness.
The Crown Chakra Abstract figurative Bronze with Purple patina 77cm 43kg edition 1/7
£5,350 (£5,650 with base)

The Crown Chakra is where we can connect to all consciousness and the divine force. A place where we
can get the sense of just ‘knowing’ something. It allows the release of mystical energy that helps you
experience unity and oneness to each and everything in the world. A place to connect to your higher
purpose and inner peace. The challenge of the crown chakra is liberating the spirit and opening to the
divine, at the same time staying firmly on the ground.

When bought as a set of 7, each of these sculptures can stand on a steel pedestal that develops a rust matt surface and weathers beautifully over time.

£25,800 0r £27,900 with all the bases

Each one has captured the healing energy of each chakra as they were made. So when you stand in the
heart of the circle you could close your eyes and see what you feel, sense, hear.
Every person will experience something unique to them.
They are there to assist you to tune in to your own beautiful chakras if you choose.
I am donating £1000 to the charity MIND for every set of seven sold.

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