£1,000 to £10,000Bronze/ bronze resin sculpturesSculpture

The Optimist by John Brown – £2,600

About the sculpture
The Optimist
This striking interior stone figure has recently been scaled up to form a 6ft bronze resin garden sculpture for a commission for a private client.

About the artist
John Brown creates contemporary sculptures based on the simplified human figure, expressing emotions and relationships. These range from interior pieces to larger works for the garden, workplace or corporate environment. Themes very often run through a number of completed works giving a feeling of recognisable continuity to his sculpture. His sculptures are in private and public collections throughout the world.
A number of works have been commissioned by businesses, hospitals,
churches and schools. The sculptures are in English stone or in limited editions in traditional foundry cast materials such as bronze or in cast resin metals, such as bronze, aluminium or iron.
He exhibits regularly at art galleries in London and the south-east, as well as at a number of art fairs.

The Optimist

Ancaster Stone . Unique

Retail Price £2600

Height 55 x 20 x 13cm

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