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The Gaslighters Comeuppance by Jamie Frost – £25,000

The Gaslighter’s Comeuppance
material: Holly 
size: 1.6m

“This sculpture offers a statement about the commonality of living things, how we are bound by our shared experiences. The piece is based on a life model who combined a foreboding physical presence with an incredibly sensitive soul. The work is in no way a portrait, it’s a fictionalised account, a melding of the model’s personality with untruths suggested by his appearance. Consider it the beginning of a redemption story, a character study of someone stopped in their tracks by a dawning realisation. 

The words we use with trees: limb; heartwood; trunk, are the language of bodies. The smell, warmth, weight, moisture, the sounds, are analogous with human flesh. They are heady and visceral. These sensory qualities heighten my relationship with the work and I see no reason to suppress this. I wish you to experience it. I love the qualities of wood when it is worked viciously- split, cleaved, dented and splintered, particularly alongside delicate sculpted forms. It’s a material of superb contrasts which can also be shaped with tenderness, revealing a very human vulnerability. 

The piece was one of three major pieces carved for my touring exhibition, The Way of All Flesh. This sculpture in particular has captured the imagination of the audience, featuring in national and international press. He has travelled over 1000 miles between galleries, art fairs and project spaces in Edinburgh, Lancashire, Manchester, Wilmslow, West Yorkshire, Nottingham, Lincolnshire and Sheffield. “

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