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The Garden Mondrian by Frances Warren – £1,500

Name of sculpture:  Garden Mondrian
Price: £1500, including galvanised steel frame
Material: Wood and glass with galvanised steel frame
Edition NO: 3 of 3
Size:  1m H x 1m W
Exhibition frame8 ft H. X 4 ft W 

The frame weighs approx 15.5 kilo, it is built in sections and no one part weighs more than 5 kilos. It has been made so it can be dismantled and transported with ease. 
The wood and glass hanging weighs 7 kilos
The sculpture was influenced by the distinctive imagery in some of the paintings by Piet Mondrian.  The strong black lines of the frame echo the bare branches of trees in winter and offset the coloured glass panels and spaces to create a striking design for the garden. The sculpture comes with an exhibition frame, but can be hung from the branch of a suitable tree or formal garden structure. 
Wooden frame for the sculpture made by wood artist Nick Kingsford

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, or have questions about this sculpture or any others then please email our sales consultant: tadd@cotswoldsculpturepark.co.uk
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