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THE BOXER by Steve Bicknell – £3,474

“The Boxer” bronze edition of 9

Some I can appreciate feel boxing is a barbaric contest, however when contested at a high level the power movement and skill can take this sport into an art form.

I extended the left arm and sculpted it artificially longer than it would be naturally to emphasis the jab! The pose is defensive but is still suggestive of victory in the making!

Those who are following my work will notice that I rarely sculpt the feet in detail. My preference is to depict the legs suggestive of tree limbs and trunks help the composition remain tight.

Cast by The Milwyn Foundry in London with the final patination with rich gold highlights against the darkness of the undulating forms of the body.

Size: Overall height 43 cms Weight 7.25 kilos (16 lb)

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