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The Babruysk Bird House by Peter Garrard – £700

About the sculpture
Bird houses
My bird houses are hand built in crank clay and fired to stoneware to so that they are frost proof. The small wall mounted houses have a single nest box with a large hole at the back to clean out as necessary. The free-standing houses contain two or four nest boxes and can be cleaned out by lifting the house off its tray to access the nest boxes through the hatches at the base. They are designed to be used by small garden birds such as tits and especially sparrows who are sociable birds who like to nest near each other. The bird houses should be positioned out of the glare of the mid-day sun.
I made the first bird house based on the large dovecot at Naunton for my father in law who was brought up in the village. I became increasingly interested in buildings from my travels, particularly the decorative qualities of the Moorish buildings of the Alhambra and Cordoba. Close study of ancient Chinese brass vessels at the Ashmolean has also been influential. My bird houses have complex surfaces, created by building up layers of textured slabs of clay. The final structures are then glazed up to three times to create a rich patina.

The Babruysk at £700 – bird house (25cm x 57cm) with four nest boxes placed on a wooden base

About the artist
As an artist I am interested in the world around me. My work is varied as
at different times I become absorbed in the human figure, architecture or
the natural world, however, underlying much of my work is a fascination in artefacts from the past such as ancient Chinese bronzes, medieval carvings and pre-Renaissance biblical imagery. I am also a professional tutor with extensive experience in secondary and further education and offer courses and workshops.

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