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The Artist by Steve Bicknell – £2,484

“The Artist” bronze edition of 12

This piece came out from one of my experimental steel bending sessions. The shape came quite naturally and I instantly liked what was happening. I formed as a very rough clay and photographed as a piece of work in progress. It became very obvious that the shape and form has a strong appeal to many people.

I then welded up an armature using bent rebar and worked the original in clay. During the natural drying period I added the texture which I believe gives extra character and strength.

This bronze can be patinated in several ways. The bronze illustrated is in black with a subtle dark green tinge. Small areas have been rubbed back before waxing.

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, or have questions about this sculpture or any others then please email our sales consultant: taddhartland07@gmail.com 
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