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Sycamore by David Watkinson – £7,800

A scaled down version of ‘Kinetic Seed Sculpture’, ‘Sycamore Seed Sculpture’ has all the dynamic movement of my larger piece but on a scale to suite a smaller garden. Sycamore Seed Sculpture is now in it’s Second Edition, the new edition has a larger more detailed Wing.
Second Edition of 25.

  • Size (Approx): 1.7m x 2.2m
  • Materials: Weathering steel or galvanised, mordent finished Steel, cold cast bronze, stainless steel bearings
  • Type: Kinetic


This work is a twofold homage to nature; the seed form and the wind. In the natural world, the two work in perfect harmony, the seed having evolved over millions of years into a finely tuned wing.

This harmony is present throughout nature, it is harmony that we humans strive for, and sometimes struggle to find. I hope that my sculpture is a fascinating and peaceful work that points towards a simpler relationship with the world.

Weathering Steel (cor-ten) is a steel alloy which  acquires a stable, rust-like appearance over time. It’s surface has a matt textured finish with a wonderful depth of colour which changes from a light orange to a deep purple over the decades.

Galvanised Steel with a mordent finish leaves a soft textured matt surface with a wonderfully interesting pewter/lead colouring that will darken when wet.

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