Susan Long


Originally from Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, Susan draws inspiration from a diverse range of
influences, resulting in a distinctive artistic style.
At the heart of her artistic process lies a deep-seated commitment to addressing
mental health and societal issues. With each sculpture, Susan delicately weaves a
narrative that invites viewers to delve beyond the surface and engage with the
underlying layers of emotion and meaning, inviting reflection, and fostering empathy.
The journey from fabric and mixed media to Limited Edition Foundry Bronze and
Bronze Resin sculptures is a testament to Susan’s dedication and skill.
She remains committed to fostering connections that illuminate the shared
experiences that define our lives. Her artistic repertoire is incredibly diverse, offering
audiences and collectors a captivating array of intriguing and unconventional pieces.
Susan’s sold works span both the UK and international markets, reflecting her global

Work Subject: Contemporary figurative, Equine
Work Medium: Fabric, Limited Edition Foundry Bronze, Bronze Resin

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