Sue Darlison

Sue has been an arist furniture designer/maker for over twenty years
but her creativity began in early childhood once she discovered

After initially working as a designer in the advertising industry Sue
sought a more dimensional and creative career away from the drawing
board and computer so decided to retrained at her local college in

Since those days she has worked on numerous commissions for private
clients and on public space pieces. Over the years her work has been
exhibited widely, winning a number of awards along the way.
She has a passion is for working with sustainably sourced timbers that
are visually beautiful and just that extra bit special. The simple clean
lines belie the complexity that is always present in all of her work.

“ I love working with timber, Its such a wonderful material. It’s scent, texture and variations
of colour and character are unique to every tree and that allows me to express my creativity
in ways that others materials don’t.
It’s also one of our most truly sustainable materials but one that is all to often abused and
plundered with devastating results”.
In between commissions Sue is working on a self driven long term
sculpture project entitled ‘100 hearts’. (14 down, 86 to go!)
“Every heart I make is different and tells it’s own unique story. With each I try to make a
statement about our relationship with trees both good and bad and the wonderful benefits
they bring to us and the earth”.

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