Stephanie Cushing

Stephanie has worked as a sculptor from her studio in the Cotswolds for
the last 12 years. She is largely self-taught, originally working with softer
limestone where her work was inspired by natural forms, like fruits and
seeds. She then fell in love with marble and her early work explored its
fluidity, aiming to make it appear malleable and pliable as if it has been
gently coaxed and twisted into shape. Each new piece tends to be a
progression from the last and is both a challenge to herself, her skills
and the marble. She challenges herself to work with it thinner and finer,
pushing herself and the material to its limits.
Mostly she works in Cararra marble so that she can exploit its
whiteness and investigate its translucency, but always aiming for a
beautiful perfect smooth surface that begs to be caressed and stroked.

She has exhibited nationally and her work is held in private collections
in the UK and abroad.
Over the last two years she has successfully curated two exhibitions for
Cotswolds Sculptors Association.

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