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Spitfire by Richard Cresswell – £18,000



3.4 h x 2.2 x 0.2

My love affair with the shape of Spitfire started many years ago when as a teenager I used to go to air displays.
There would always be a Spitfire there and when it took to the skies the pilot would always make a few low passes with the plane seemingly standing on a wing tip as it carved an ark in the sky showing the elliptical outline of the wing against a cloudless sky making it the most beautiful flying machine I ever saw. That shape has stayed with me ever since and it is that shape which now as a sculptor I can interpret into Spitfire.
As the pilots did standing the plane on a wing tip to display it, I also do the profile changing as the wind turns the work to face a different direction. The fuselage is a sleek aerodynamic shape to add context to the piece and the mirror polished metal is my nod to the original design when it was a racing seaplane designed to win the Schneider Trophy.

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