Sophie Marsham

Sophie Marsham is a London-based sculptor, who has been producing work since 1993. Sophie works with stainless steel, copper and reclaimed and recycled metals. She trained at the Chelsea School of Art in London as a public artist and therefore much of her work is designed and made for installation in buildings or public spaces. She has created many large scale permanent sculptures around the world and has exhibited extensively in the UK and internationally.

‘Barley’ (6m high), Brewery Shopping Centre, Cheltenham.

Sophie says: “The sculptures I design always require placement in a particular building, or outdoor public space and the work is very site specific. Each job is unique in terms of scale and material. It is important to bring art out of the gallery and into the public arena and more art should be available to all. I hope that the sculptures become a talking point and that people who spend time viewing the work, feel that the sculpture really is part of the surrounding space and enhances their experience.”

Sophie’s work is often about creating something interesting from discarded utilitarian objects and encouraging the viewer, either in a gallery context or as public art, to see beyond the obvious with a fresh eye.

She says: “I am constantly seeing beauty in the strangest thrown away objects. How can these objects be reinterpreted into something else to become a sculpture? Do these sculptures evoke thought and contemplation? How is the viewer seeing this new collaboration of pieces? Can the original raw materials be deciphered?

Copper Chicken, Pret a Manger.

“I am very interested in how you feel when observing natural objects in their environment. I am always aware of beautifully repeated patterns found in nature, such as a bird’s feather or petals of a flower. It is often that the smallest objects have been created with the most thought and precision. I use this as a starting point, when designing new pieces.”

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