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Songbird by Rich Bindon – £1,150


Stainless Steel.
Edition 1-1.

For outdoor or interior spaces.

Both the Stave lines, notes and 12’’ LP base are made from stainless steel, the singing Reed Warbler is also made from good quality stainless steel cutlery, each note was marked out and cut by hand, the artist made jigs to enable him to bend the staves so they are identical.

The base was bolted to a hand made jig so it could be held in a lathe for the record lines to be added.

Rich Bindon:
“The notes in the scale are from the 2002 Oasis song ‘Songbird’. (‘’Talking to the Songbird Yesterday’’) Oasis was one of my favourite bands from the 90’s.
I feel that people viewing the piece will instantly understand the connection between a singing bird and the completed piece, with its record LP base and musical notes. The added twist being the notes are from an actual piece of music titled Songbird!”

Commissions of this piece:
This sculpture could be recreated for unique commissions! eg. as a wedding gift with the ‘first dance’ as the sculptures attached notes. The possibilities are endless!

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