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Song to the Creator II by Andy Hopper – £29,250

‘Song to the Creator 2021 II’

Stainless steel and Bronze. Hot forged and polished.
Artwork – 720mm x 510mm x 1050mm 
On oak base – 420mm x 420mm x 500mm
Overall height – 1550mm
Original artwork. The 2nd in the Song to the Creator series made in 2021

‘Andy’s relationship with his work is both passionate and profound. His approach to the work offers a conduit which puts him in direct connection with the source power creator. As wild a claim as this sounds in words, in practice this is a reality. All of the four elements are utilised when creating his work – Earth, Air Fire and Water. Add to this mix the physical material of the bronze and stainless steel, and magic happens !!His artworks are not implied, not an impression of, you are witnessing the smoking barrel of the event.Each piece is a testament of the physical creation of positive energy.’

“Look at my artworks with fresh eyes as pure energy, and will see it for what it truly is.”

‘Song to The Creator. Original Artwork.This piece is an expression of pure joy to be alive. The original concept was borne for Andy after he had endured an extremely difficult period in his personal life. After this period, he was overjoyed to be back to full physical health.The creation of this piece was also instrumental in his recovery of his emotional health and wellbeing. Art can help us all in so many ways, it can elevate our hearts and minds, simply by being in its’ presence. Art emits energy as ripples move in a pond.The seed represents a positive thought, which given the right conditions sprouts and grows into a mighty tree.This applies to us if we nurture and care for ourselves, our families and our environment on our beautiful earth.’

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