Ruth Brenner

Ruth Brenner is a Scottish sculptor and installation artist living and working in Newcastle upon Tyne. After graduating from Newcastle University in 2012 as a Master of Fine Art, she won a Royal British Society of Sculptors bursary award in 2013. She is currently working on a practice-led PhD researching corporeality and the bodily, both physical and mental, acts of making. 

This year, Ruth has one piece at the Cotswold Sculpture Park: Condenser, 2010 (sheet steel, 113 x 140 x 132 cm).

Condenser is a work constructed from sheet steel and has the appearance of discarded industrial equipment. Ruth says “I am interested in industrial archaeology and highlighting the much-overlooked beauty of our industrial heritage.  This piece of work was made in 2010 and has been exhibited in its polished state.  However, it now shows the rich patina of oxidisation, marking the passage of time.

Below you will find a couple of images of some of Ruth’s recent work. Find out more at her website,

Amber Rosin, 2015.
Corporeality – Broad Stones, 2017.
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