Richard Cresswell

My abstract work has always been large sculptural and outdoors
which is where I find inspiration, I have a love of nature’s curves and movement which appear everywhere I look, in rivers, rocks, birds the sky or human body to name a few.

Most of my work these days is kinetic and has movement in one form or another. It is very important to me to make that movement a seamless and natural as possible, like the swan which looks so
graceful but only achieved by many things happening in unison and
hidden to the observer.

This year has seen me dip my toe (pun intended ) in to water creating after many failures Falling water a water powered piece, inspired by how this has turned out my mind is now expanding to the possibilities this new pieces also water based.

It has taken me 15 years of creating sculptures to arrive at the sort of
work I now produce I cant wait to see what direction life and work
takes me in next!

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