Renee Kilburn

Renée Kilburn is a professional ceramic artist, who moved from Sweden to
England in 1994 to study Ceramic Design at Central saint Martin’s College of
Art and Design in London.

Deciding to stay in the UK, she now lives in Weston-Super-Mare and creates
unique brightly glazed work by making a basic shape that is either coiled, slab
built or press moulded. Hand modelled details are added to give each piece a
sense of movement and it is not important to copy nature, but to evoke in the
viewer a smile that one automatically gets when seeing the wonders of colours
and shapes in nature.

Renée’s chosen material is a high fired white stoneware clay that makes every
piece frost proof and suitable for display outdoors. Every detail is hand painted
with shiny, brightly coloured glazes that make the pieces come to life in the 3 rd
and final firing.

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