Regis Chaperon

Régis Chaperon started working in stone at seventeen. After ten years of of training in France, his natural sensitivity for form led him to Carrara, as an assistant for other artists, where he started creating his first sculptures and later to the University of Valencia, where he became engaged with contemporary concepts of art. His sculptures are now in public spaces and private collections in England, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Bermudas islands and Australia. He has also become involved with urban and interior design, bringing together his artistic vision and his technical knowledge of working with stone.

Combining the ancient art of Japanese paper folding with the immutable nature of stone, Régis brings beauty and an unexpected twist to the folds of his elegant sculptures. Using pure and simple lines, the stone appears to have been carefully creased and bent, transformed into intricate expressions of reality. By continually exploring the geometric constraints within his work, Régis injects an utterly modern approach to stone sculpting with this unusual marriage of origami and stone. Origami is a universal language that everybody understands and is  connecting with everyone since our childhood, when we were folding paper planes.

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