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Red-Tailed Hawk by Alan Williams – £10,875

Name of sculpture – red-tailed Hawk
A unique sculpture

Materials used – Knives, forks, spoons, garden shears, motorbike sprockets, Bicycle gears and parts. Mounted on an antique sea defence post with a steel base surround.

Sizes-  H 60cm W 42cm D 48cm
Weight – 35Kg

artist Alan Wiliams has been well known for his bird sculptures, and this is the first one he’s created in over 5 years! 

Nearly every weld and methods of construction are concealed within the piece

Through the medium of scrap and salvaged metal, life, character and emotions are beautifully captured in a moment in time. Each metal component goes through an intense heating process in the forge. It is then hammered and shaped before being welded in place. What sets Alans work apart, is that almost all the welding and methods of construction are internally hidden within the sculpture. This element creates a huge challenge when creating his pieces, to an almost counter intuitive way of working, but it gives his artworks a fluid and visual richness that is refined and unique. 

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