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Ready To Roost by Edward Hill – £3,000

Ready to Roost

125cm x 85cm
Hand created – Recycled second-hand cutlery, recycled 316 sheet off-cuts and 304 stainless bar

Ed Hill: 

“For the last 7 years birds have been my primary focus of study. I only like to sculpt wild animals, because there is something to be discovered about them and share with others. Birds are the only wild animal I encounter on a daily basis. As someone who spent hours making ‘stop-frame’ animation videos growing up, movement fascinates me. When sculpting I have a hunger to understand how they move. For example, the legs are particularly interesting to me, because if done correctly they bring life and agency. If not, it can look awkward or dead. That is why I study countless photos and videos to make sure I’m understanding them right. Images of skeletons can be particularly useful to this end.

Another reason I love birds so much is because they occupy another realm to our own. They do things other worldly to us. Their behaviour is so dynamic and entertaining to watch, as they fly, perch on vertical surfaces and balance on the thinnest of stems. They offer endless possibilities.

I am currently working my way through a series of iconic birds, ones that are instantly recognisable to us that we can all know and love. One I have chosen to focus on this year is the long-tailed tit. Like a ‘caricature artist’ I really want to identify the main features. As I don’t work in colour the shape is really important to me and there are lots of fun details I can capture in the long-tailed tit. Being a sociable bird, I have begun to explore different ways I can group them. That is why I have created the ‘roosting’ scene.”

“These sculptures are made from ‘recycled stainless steel’ that adds another layer of curiosity to enjoy. “I prefer stainless because it’s lovely and shiny. It is very eye-catching and radiates light on a dark dull day, or it can bring light to a dark or otherwise uninteresting part of a garden.”

The cutlery is collected from local charity shops and each piece is handmade in Edward’s workshop in Devon. “I like sculpting because it brings joy to life, I can just look for ages at a well-made sculpture. I am both awed by the beauty of the animals form that is depicted or I am held by the way the materials have been cleverly articulated. It brings people together over something we can all appreciate.”


Have a look below at a smaller piece by Ed, showing three Long-tailed Tits as a solo piece. 

“Three’s a Crowd”


43cm x 48cm

Recycled second-hand cutlery, recycled 316 sheet off-cuts and 304 stainless bar

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