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Reaching for Eudaimonia by Martin Cash – £8,500

This piece is part of a diptych, the second piece will be the second image below.
Part A represents the complexity of life and work – balancing the balls of a normal complex life and clinging on to them – it’s called

‘Reaching for Eudaimonia’ is 2000mm tall.
This piece alone is £8,500 

Part B of the diptych represents life when we can afford to let go of the balls and relax often on a life of hard work –  it’s called

‘Eudaimonia’ 170cm tall. 
This piece is £8,500

The two pieces can be sold together for £15,000 

Martin Cash: “these pieces are multi-media works with skeletons made from stainless steel, mild steel, construction foam and laminates,  and the very exciting coating material Polyurea… this is lighter in weight than stone, quite literally bomb proof, very environmentally friendly and with a life expectancy of generations in or outdoor. I am covering the polyurea with the very hard  granite, quartz crystal to give added texture and colour.

Although I continue to carve stone I have become frustrated by the restrictions that stone can create, by its weight and fragility when used to create large and top heavy forms.

Polyurea has opened very exciting artistic avenues that I could not achieve in stone  – plus they can be moved around gardens so much easier.

Like all my work they are one-off/unique. And I know of no one else in the UK using this material for sculpture… yet.”


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