Ray Moseley


I have been very fortunate throughout my career in that I have been able to follow my
heart and not be too tied down with material gain. I wanted to be an artist or a sculptor
when I left school but alas not enough qualifications to get into Art College. So….i fell
into a Bricklaying Apprenticeship and absolutely loved it. Being able to learn Geometry
and create patterns and sculptural forms by sticking bricks and stone together was a
great creative process for me and I thrived at it.

On my Journey I picked the brains of as many craftsmen as I could and learned from the
Masters of their Craft. This gradually led me into the joys of historic buildings and
vernacular architecture. I love being able to use local materials to create a particular
local style which we find throughout our historic environment, both home and abroad.
Whether that be brick/flint/stone/cob/lime plasters or wattle & daub…I think they are all
time honoured materials found under our feet. We just need to honour those techniques
and methods to get the best out of them. Sustainability at its best.

My desire for more knowledge led me to take a Degree In Historic Building Conservation
(RICS), nowadays known as Conservation of the Historic Environment. This enabled me
the opportunity to specialise in the surveying of historic buildings providing condition
surveys, schedules of repairs & specifications generally required for Listed Building
Applications and historic building conservation projects.
My love & passion for historic buildings and their related crafts, has in later years led me
in to pursuing stone carving to a more intensive level.

My inspiration comes from my personal journey and the many artistic styles that have
developed over time including Sacred Geometry, Pictish, Celtic, Norse/Viking, Islamic,
Romanesque & Classical. The natural world also plays an integral part in the process
and provides endless opportunities to create sculpture and relief carvings.
I am fascinated by geology and the usable materials that are under our feet. This
country is blessed with good quality stone all with their own intrinsic qualities. The
majority of my work uses UK Stones including Portland Limestone, Purbeck Marble,
Bath Stone & Welsh Slate. I also love Alabaster and my current series of sculptures….
“Creation”…. Is exploring the relationship between sacred geometry and natural forms,
flora and fauna and currently with a particular focus on the formation of shells. I want
them to be touched and caressed and to engage the senses on a visual and sensual

The vast majority of my work is Hand-carved using time honoured methods. I love the
direct contact and feel of the weight of the chisel making the desired impression on the
stone. Slowly surely chipping away to create the desired affect. I love the textures that
can be created by using various chisels and applied techniques. The whole process is a
union of the senses for me and akin to deep meditation in my humble opinion.
I certainly hope you enjoy my art as it is made with a lot of love, careful consideration,
hours of concentration and dedication. I feel that I am privileged to be able to leave my
mark on something that will hopefully be seen and appreciated for generations to
come…….my personal legacy.

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