Philippa Macarthur

Since childhood, Philippa always thought of herself as ‘a maker’. She also foraged and found objects she considered inspiring (- curating into ‘collections’ and ‘exhibitions’) with great pleasure!

During her working life she often managed to get to evening classes or workshops in diverse media such as life drawing, metalwork, textiles or clay. It was only when she gave up work that she managed to complete a course in Design Crafts with distinction, deciding to concentrate on ceramics as her preferred medium. She is currently attending a ‘Metal work for Sculpture’ course which increases her understanding of another material, and design possibilities, often incorporated into her work.

The philosophy underpinning most of her work is the idea of ‘Gestalt’ meaning ‘the whole is more than the sum of its parts’. – Individual pieces or components (-like people!) only make sense in relation to others. In addition, hand-building each piece means the repetitive process becomes meditative, and the maker remains physically connected to the clay, which is important to her.

Philippa has shown her garden sculptures in shows in beautiful gardens in the UK every summer over the last few years in the South West and further afield.

She gained a bursary from Friends of the Garden and is a member of the Cotswold Sculpture Association.
For more details, visit and follow Philippa on Instagram: @philippamacarthur.

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