Philippa Macarthur

Like so many artists Philippa discovers inspiration from natural objects – the forms of seedpods, leaf skeletons, pebbles or fallen branches, as well as intricate details seen down the microscope on her phone.
Using hand-building processes, she focuses and imitates the multiple repetitions and patterns found in nature, and finds it a meditative process. Philippa is interested in the way we’re all different individuals, but together we make up a whole.
Philippa likes her work to be seen in a garden context from where it originates. She likes her work to reflect both stillness and joy; so that whether on a balmy summer evening or dull winters’ day you can look at the work and smile.
Work has been exhibited and sold in Garden Sculpture shows across the South, South West and Wales, and bought by The Surrey Sculpture Park.
A member of The Oxford Sculpture Group and Cotswold Sculpture Association.

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