Pelagos by Stephanie Cushing – £2,800

Marble Sculpture

About the sculpture
This is made from Grand Antique, a beautiful French black and white marble which is uncommon and was used in Westminster Abbey. I had a block of this for a couple of years waiting until I could design the right circular shape for it.  I was in an interview with a gallery owner discussing an exhibition, when she was called away; to pass the time I picked up a copy of Craft magazine and there on the cover was a piece of gold jewellery exactly the shape I had been looking for. I was so excited, even more so when I found out the jeweller was based in Cirencester.  I contacted her to request permission to copy her design.  She was delighted, and informed me that it had been a commission she had designed with her client – based on a sculpture by Barbara Hepworth.  So what comes around goes around – art informing art.

Black & White French Antique Marble
45 x 45 x 20
– £2,800

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