£10,000 and aboveBronze/ bronze resin sculpturesSculpture

Party Animal by Alex Davies – £14,500

Price: £14,500 +vat

Material: Bronze with steel base

Edition number: 2/9 The first edition being on permanent display in Kingston, Surrey.

size: Dimensions including base: 1600mm High x 1200mm x 500mm

Weight: 120kg

About this sculpture:

This sculpture is part of a series of sculptures monuments Titled ‘Unwanted Monuments’. 

On a site visit to Kingston, with this sculpture in mind, I liked the idea of it sitting it outside a prominent building, in this case the Market House and at the back, so it can be discovered. I imagined the sculpture being just off the entrance, almost like the positioning of a children’s coin operated ride outside a shop. 


The sculpture encourages to viewer to touch and even sit on.
The significance of using a goat in this sculpture relates to the historical use of goats in imagery and art, as gods, devils and a symbol of endurance. As an animal it lives and survives in so many different environments and has adapted to survive from deserts to mountains and much more. 

Having grown up in Surrey, Kingston was always a place of different sensations, from the size as a young child, to an edgy music scene as a teenager  to working in a dry cleaners as my first proper job and the growth of a modern town with The Bental Centre. 

As its a monument I felt it really had to be in a traditional material, so bronze was the best choice. The goat stands proudly and strong, almost military, the cone I hope removes the seriousness of the Goat and makes it more accessibly to the viewer and has a relationship with modern life.

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