Pan and Syrinx

We have two pieces by Glenis Devereux this year: a bust of Pan and a bust of Syrinx. Glenis sent us the story behind them …

The Story of Pan, Syrinx & The Pan Pipes
by Glenis Devereux MCSD,MRBS

According to Greek Mythology, Pan, God of the Woodlands, had a lustful eye for the beautiful Woodland Nymphs, especially one named Syrinx.

One day as Pan chased Syrinx through the woods, she hid in the river reeds, imploring the River God to help hide her.  Pan, by now, was upon Syrinx, grabbing her in his arms only to find he had an armful of reeds – the River God had indeed hidden her by turning her into reeds! Pan’s heavy breath over the hollow reeds caused them to emit beautiful musical notes.  From these reeds Pan made his Pan Pipes, also called Syrinx, which produced perfect and mesmerising sound.  Pan soon found the haunting music to be most effective in his pursuits of seduction.

Here we see a mature Pan, showing evidence of overindulgence, but still very much an attractive Manimal. His cheeky countenance making his intentions obvious, he waits and watches as the spellbinding music appears to be working its magic on the object of his desires.  The chaste, beautiful young Syrinx is becoming captivated although, as yet, is still rather shy and uncertain. Pan is confident it is just a matter of time….

The Game of Seduction always has and always will be played the world over.  Of this game, Pan is truly the Master Lothario.


March 19, 2018