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Palermo by Deborah Harrison – £13,400

Indoor piece
Date of release: July 2023

Rainbow Alabaster on Soapstone
46cm x 14cm x 16cm

Deborah Harrison:
I use a technique called Direct Carving where I follow the form, grain, and colour of the stone. At the stone yard I could clearly see a horse’s head within this stone. It revealed itself easily as the chippings came away. I have called this horse Palomo after the tall dappled white horse ridden by Latin American liberator Simon Bolivar.  It accompanied him on most of his campaigns of national liberation. It was a gift from an elderly peasant woman named Casilda because she had had a dream of giving him to a great general. She later presented the horse to Bolivar. Palomo was Bolivar’s faithful horse on many campaigns during the liberation struggle. After a long march, Palomo tragically died in the care of one of Bolivar’s officers. Palomo appears on the Venezuelan Coin and his horseshoes are in the museum of Mulalo. The name Palomo means, ‘Dove’. In war, horses mane’s were often plated to prevent them from being entangled in the soldiers sword.

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