Owen Meredith

Profile photo image credit: JBL Creative

Owen Meredith is based in Taunton, Somerset and produces sculpture predominantly in wood and metal.

The woodland is where Owen’s sculpture journey started. Not only offering endless inspiration but a 20 year career in forestry provided an abundant source of offcuts to hone his skills! Chainsaw sculpture was the natural outlet for his creativity in the early days. Timber is what makes Owen tick, and he never loses the excitement of opening up a log to reveal the grain and secrets inside.

Over the years, Owen’s sculpture has developed to using other materials in his work. Owen loves to explore the contrast and conflict between metal and wood. They are so different materials yet together they offer exciting possibilities for sculpture that wood alone can’t achieve. Being immersed in woodland influences and inspires the sculpture Owen creates. Often subjects are small micro fragments of beauty which often go overlooked due to their size. From the wing detail of a tiny insect or the profile of a seed, Owen loves to supersize these into large, exciting sculpture.

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