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Orion by Damon Price – £5,750

550mm x 350mm x 260mm
Ltd edition of 12

There’s something pretty special about enjoying deep, velvety darkness, the quiet of the night and a vast expanse of sky speckled with stars.

Orion the Hunter is arguably the most recognisable constellation in the night sky. Orion lies on the celestial equator, making it visible from both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Orion’s shape is easy to pick out because of its many bright stars and signature Belt.

Mythology says that a scorpion killed Orion; that’s why Orion is on one side of the sky, while Scorpius the Scorpion is on the opposite side. As Scorpius is about to rise in the east, Orion makes a hurried exit from the sky in the west.

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