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Oreade Rosa by Nick Vermeulen – £8,400

Oreade Rosa ( in stead of Nike in rosso ) 

Oreads or mountain nymphs are beautiful creatures who guard and protect the nature they live in. They also personify the beauty and strength of women since they too are the ultimate protectors of life and beauty around us.

The mythological nymphs often tend to frequent areas distant from humans but could be encountered by lone travellers outside the village, where their music might be heard, and the traveler could spy on their dancing or bathing in a stream or pool, either during the noon heat or in the middle of the night.

An encounter with a nymph could be perilous, bringing dumbness, besotted infatuation, madness or stroke to the unfortunate man. 

Which in a way is what happens to a man love struck by a woman.

The statue is carved out of one solid piece of rosso verona marble from Alto Veneto.

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