£1,000 to £10,000£10,000 and aboveBronze/ bronze resin sculpturesSculpture

Mother by Brendon Murless – £5,900

Title – Mother

Medium -Patinated bronze resin,

– Original – scorched timber – also available price on request

Size – 190 -70 -70 high

Edition of 30

Price – £5,900

Also available as an edition of 8 in Bronze, price on request

Inspired to carve a female figure emerging from this timber, looking strong and
towards the sky, drinking in the sunlight similar to the tree she came from. The
child was not in my original design but evolved as I carved the wood and seemed
fitting to evoke thoughts of the next generation.
The highlighted rings of the tree shows us the years of life that have passed.
I wanted the sculpture and the name to be open to interpretation, some see
motherhood for example, others see Mother Nature.

Mother – Originally carved in wood, this is a limited edition cold cast from a mould taken of the original.

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