Min Reid

Min is a multi-award winning artist acclaimed for her work as a film director, sculptor and

Min’s ultimate passion is in sculpting with her preferred medium being clay. She is
particularly drawn towards sculpting wild creatures capturing moments in their lives that
exude emotion from peace and serenity to adversity.

Originally hailing from New Zealand, Min was born in the jungles of Malaysia, spending her
childhood growing up in Kuala Lipis, Jamaica, Hong Kong and then continuing her education
at The University of Auckland where she read Economics and Psychology.
Whilst leading a successful corporate career, Min’s life took a dramatic turn as her young
son became critically ill leading her to shift gears to take care of him. Through adversity
comes beauty… Min now sculpts and paints in her Cotswolds studio in Oxfordshire. With a
remarkable ability to capture emotions in her contemporary sculptures, she has gained
international recognition and has a dedicated following among collectors in the United
States, the Far East, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

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