Matt Stein

Matt is a Bristol based sculptor. Known predominantly for his large-scale stainless steel and copper sculptures. He has recently evolved the work into tabletop wooden sculptures. Influenced by artists such as Brancusi, Rodin and Hepworth, Matt has developed his own vocabulary of form.

Matt studied martial arts from the age of nine and continues to teach today. At art college he produced a series of figurative works that fused the dynamics of physical movement with martial art form. Later, Matt developed his frenetic energy into a singular energy and the sculpture range titled “Elements” was born in 2005. Elements is a group of six sculptures where Matt has harnessed the vibrant martial art energy to produce a simple form which now makes just one movement.

The new work developed in 2020 has permitted the development of groups. Groupings have already featured in Matt’s work in commissions installed in Portishead, Brockworth and Cambridge. 

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