Marian Ironmonger

Marian was born, raised and educated in the Philippines.  Her artistic journey began early in life, mostly through drawing and painting.  But other interests developed through the years and put this adventure on hold.

​Eventually the right time came to resume the journey, so Marian enrolled in a couple of art classes.  One of which was “Sculpting in Clay”.
Using clay as a medium of expression or communication was love at first touch.  Clay is pliable, forgiving and unpredictable.  Unpredictable because sometimes it can direct your work onto a different path. 

Clay is also a teacher – one learns to be pliable, forgiving and open to possibilities.
Much of Marian’s work is figurative and inspired by the rich culture of the Philippines.  This could be transforming a word, like “yakap”, into something tangible and tactile or expressing the one-ness between a couple with “kabiyak ng puso”.  

 Marian: “It is hoped that my sculptures would spark your curiosity and make an emotional connection.  It is a pleasure to share them with you.”

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