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Mangbetu by Val Adamson – £800


Iron Resin
Dimensions – 60cm/20cm/30cm
Weight – 5kg
Edition 4/32
Sculpture price with plinth is £800

Val Adamson:
“African Triptych II was developed from three studies I sculpted of women from the African tribes Mangbetu, Fulani and Igbo.  I was drawn to the wonderful sculptural forms in their hair and the huge importance of hair as a sign of status and divine communication.  I combined the original studies with masks and art works from the same tribes to create the more elaborate ‘African Triptych II’.  These pieces have now inspired further sculpts that combine an emotion in a face with an abstract form above that reflects that emotion.”

Mangbetu is also available as part of a ‘trio’ with sculpture ‘Fulani’ and ‘Igbo’ as seen below
The price for the three pieces together is £2,200

Also available with Oak base for interior spaces (see below)

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, or have questions about this sculpture or any others then please email our sales consultant:
or call Tadd Hartland on 07545 648918

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