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Light of Life by Melanie Watts – £10,000

  • Name of sculpture  “Light of life”
  • Price of sculpture  £10,000
  • Materials used for mosaic: 24 karat gold Italian orsoni smalti, fused glass, iridescent glass, stained glass. Frame and stand: Steel circular base and ‘leaf and spiral’ frame with stand, designed by Melanie, commissioned especially for this mosaic. 
  • With steel leaf and frame, total diameter: 1 metre 35cm (approximate).
  • Weight 40 kilos approx (6 stone).
  • Edition number: One of a kind: hand made mosaic and bespoke frame. 
Exquisite details are captured on this mosaic piece, of a beautiful white barn owl flying through streaming golden light. Barn owls are a well loved, protected species in the UK. 
Melanie has created a range of mosaics highlighting our protected and declining native species for over a decade, including a 2 metre barn owl among stunning autumnal leaves, and a kingfisher, both sited on popular canal routes. These can be found in Buckinghamshire and both pieces attract national and international visitors. Melanie partners with conservationists to highlight on social media posts and open days how we can help our flora and fauna to thrive.
Every detail of the owl is taken from the artist’s drawn observations of this species – each piece of glass is hand scored after being drawn out onto a template or an original design.
This gorgeous barn owl piece is a celebration of strength, beauty and hope, created in the lockdowns at a time many people sought nature for their wellbeing when life suddenly changed. The owl had swooped down near Melanie, through gentle golden light one summer’s evening. She has captured the light using hand cut 24K Orsoni smalti gold, alongside iridescent soft yellows. This is the first time the piece has been on sale, as it was exhibited in MK Museum for a duration to attract visitors while educating people on these beautiful birds. 

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, or have questions about this sculpture or any others then please email our sales consultant: tadd@cotswoldsculpturepark.co.uk
or call Tadd Hartland on 07545 648918

*We are a wholly independent family run business and work closely alongside our artists during the sales process and our buyer introductions. Our ethos is built on a mutual trust working together.

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