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Light Bearer – Night Sky Crescendo by Ian Marlow – £4,800

Light-Bearer – Night Sky Crescendo
Stainless steel and toughened glass
Ht: 135 cms
Retail Price £4,800 (inc VAT)

The LIGHT-BEARER series.
Each sculpture contains a panel of toughened and laminated glass set in textured stainless steel
that radiates light.
The stand is symbolic of the currents that move around the Earth, while its bowl-shaped form
gives reference to the crucibles used by glass makers or foundries. This is where the molten
metals are formed; the place from which they emerge. Its edges contain the colours whilst at the
same time it holds them up, presenting them to the viewer.
The glass panels vary in size and pattern, all with vibrant colours that merge, swirl, and rise; their
patterns moving like molten lava or the aurora in the northern skies. They embody movement and
transition that can be both graceful and shocking. This is life in its raw, primal state: fluid,
diverging, forming and reforming. Yet is is also a reflection of the world as we know it today: a
symbol of modern life with all of its fierce complexities and gentle nuances.

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