Keziah Burt

A specialist in portraiture and contemporary figurative sculpture, Keziah is inspired by the tenderest moments of human interaction.  Her practise is focused on exploring the intangible qualities of the human experience, rendering private intimacy and fragility in raw clay and bronze.  Her sculptures evoke timeless themes of love, harmony and the search for balance in our lives.

Inspired by her own experiences living with Ehlers Danlos in a fragile body, Keziah’s work seeks to elicit the viewer’s empathy and tenderness, to engage them in connecting with their own place in the wider world, and to refocus them on the innate value of their connections with others and nature. 

Keziah has exhibited across the UK and Germany and has work in collections in the UK, USA, and Europe. Most recently her sculpture ‘Serenity’ was exhibited at the Mall galleries in the Royal Society of British Artists Annual show 2021. Her bronze portrait Tondo of world renowned chemist Rosalind Franklin who identified the double helix structure of DNA, and commissioned for Hampstead Heath Manor, has been selected for the Society of Portrait Artists exhibition this year. 

Notable sitters:
General Susan Ridge first female general in British Military History
Laura Bates celebrated Feminist Author
Menna Fitspatrick MBE and Jen Keho MBE Paralympic Gold medal winning ski Team.  
Mary Beard Cambridge Classicist and author
Hollie McNish Ted Hughes award winning poet
Max McMurdo Designer and engineer

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