Karen Hilliard

Originally from Ireland, Karen Hilliard, a commissioned public artist received a BA Hons from Cardiff Met in Ceramics. On moving to Gloucestershire, she has continued to work in sculpture using clay, mostly from a local brickyard, to create her architectural sculpture.

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Karen is exhibiting one piece at the Cotswold Sculpture Park this year: Perennial.

‘Perennial’ is a triptych referencing the connection between ourselves and our natural environment. We as human beings experience periods of development throughout our lives. Karen says:

“I find these references in perennial plants, although maintaining their core structure they develop and mature over time subtly but significantly. The use of Ceramic block from Ibstock Brick connects the idea of shared cellular structure and the dependence we have with the physical earth we stand on.”

Height: 2.2 metres
Width: 2 metres x 2 metres
Material: ceramic, Ibstock block and glaze (high-fired and weatherproof).


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