Julie Tanner

Julie’s foray into sculpting came about from a need to express her creativity at a time when work as a freelance graphic designer was waning. With time on her hands and compelled to be productive, she took up stone carving. 

Sourcing free limestone, and borrowing basic tools, Julie very quickly became hooked and was soon taking on commissions. 

The move to working in clay came about from the making of maquettes, used as reference to create the stone sculptures. 

She now both carves in stone and moulds in clay to produce bronze and resin sculptures.

Julie relishes the challenge of taking a static, solid medium and giving it personality, movement and a weightlessness that belies the true character of its natural state.

When stone carving, her intention is to capture the essence of a subject by relinquishing all non-essential forms and features resulting in a sculpture that is minimalist yet familiar. However, she allows herself to work in much more detail when producing figurative sculptures, being free to move the clay around and work on getting tension into the muscles and an elegance in the movement.

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