Jill Gibson

Originally from Sheffield, Jill currently works and lives in Cullercoats, Tyne and Wear. Having previously gained a first-class Honours degree in Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art she obtained a Master’s degree in Fine Art, with Distinction, from Sunderland University in 2013.

Jill has exhibited large scale works at Wollombi Sculpture Trail, NSW, Australia, in Denton, Texas, USA and in galleries throughout the U.K. Jill has developed a research based practice centred on the architectural technique of fabric forming. Jill was awarded membership of Royal Society of British Sculptors in February 2018.

The works currently on show at Cotswolds Sculpture Park have been selected from her recent series “It’s Language Jim, but not as we know it”. It is also the first time that Jill has produced work using these specific materials for outdoor works. “It is wonderful to have been given this opportunity not only to show the work here but to use the space as a testing ground for new materials, not normally associated with outdoor sculpture”.

Jill describes the work as “alluding to an etic consideration of study and meaning of both the collective and of the individual within a specific context.”

The series of several pieces (not all on show here at this time) all partake of a commonality of material and form, and yet each is unique, having their own identity within a space and therefore each piece asks to be regarded separately.

Jill draws on physical structures, environmental forms and observed human shape and the work is ultimately rooted in a consideration of complex human and environmental issues that face us in a rapidly challenging world. The work considers emic and etic issues – social considerations and communication from a female perspective. Her work is largely research based and is an on-going exploration – an enquiry into how we communicate through our bodies and through language – it is especially relevant at this moment when expressions of identity – personal, national, global are so much a part of cultural conversation.

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