£1,000 to £10,000Bronze/ bronze resin sculpturesSculpture

Intertwined by Jonathan Hateley – £7,650


Material: Hand painted resin bronze
Edition number: Ed 1/12
Size/dimensions: H100 W37 D21cm
Prices: Resin: £7,650
Bronze: £22,950 including Vat
Oak plinth included in price.

A while before ‘Lockdown’ became a frequently used word I had the idea to do a sculpture based on relationships. I wanted a climbing rose to be reaching upwards as a metaphor for a life together. There would be stems taking direct routes while others would twist and turn. Thorns would appear along the stems, until occasionally a rose would be reached. As the lockdowns were put in place for the 2020 pandemic, not only was the progress of my sculpture affected, I began to see it as a celebration of togetherness, whilst many of us were kept apart.

Important info on sales, This piece is available in hand painted resin bronze and hand painted bronze.

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, or have questions about this sculpture or any others then please email our sales consultant: tadd@cotswoldsculpturepark.co.uk
or call Tadd Hartland on 07545 648918

*We are a wholly independent family run business and work closely alongside our artists during the sales process and our buyer introductions. Our ethos is built on a mutual trust working together.

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