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Interstellar I by Andy Hopper – £30,800

‘Interstellar I’

Stainless steel. Hot forged and mirror polished
Artwork – 225mm x 225mm x 1010mm 
On polished base stone – 325mm x 325mm x 135mm
Overall height – 1170mm 
Original artwork. The 1st of 3, of the Interstellar series
‘Interstellar I. Original Artwork.
The first in this series. This piece represents transcending our physical bodies and of a greater scale of our universe than our day to day reality. 

Exploring the deeper conversation of space and physics, our entire universe is constructed with the same set of ingredients, in different conditions.
Given differing circumstances, this piece could be a molten object. And what it took to make it, this statement stands on the fine line of actually being true. 
Explosive force and extreme heat went into creating it, and the evidence of this is clear to see.
What was hard, became malleable, then became hard again. The same material in different states of matter.
We can also be so many more things than just what we think we are in our daily lives. We can elevate beyond, just simply by using our god-given gifts of imagination and creative energy.
This piece embodies this. It is a metaphor of us and what we can be.’

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